Suggested Itineraries

These are example itineraries of trips that I have planned for myself or for family, friends, and clients. As you will note these are very high-level itineraries, but my services would be tailored to your needs. So whether you need something general or more detailed, I am adaptable. Enjoy and feel free to contact me with any of your questions.


French Fun Weekend - Sometimes I just need to get away. The stress of work, the routine of the day, the annoyance of people. I just need a change in scenery…I needed something where I felt like I was  doing something  different  and having a bit of an adventure without going too far from home. I also didn’t want to break the bank travelling, as I needed the money for my shopping :-) So I packed up a small bag, hit up some of friends who lived in France and took the Eurostar to Paris for a weekend…


Want a Stress-Free New Years? – Edinburgh is your place to be. Three+ days of Scottish celebrations, with little stress, great atmosphere that won’t break the wallet. What a better way to start your New Year…

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