Cuban – Untouched DAY 4

After returning to the hotel at 3am and buzzing after my long day, I took this day as a way to recover (poor feet). The weather was excellent, so I went on a nice jog on the beach and used this opportunity to explore the other hotel beach scene.

I went from Caribbean Sea to poolside back to beach and then to my balcony, while reading my book, reviewing pictures on my phone, and noting all the Dad bods (as my friend KB would all them).  This was definitely motivation for me to kick it in to shape for my beach trip in May to Ibiza.

Good thing I rested because, the plan was to meet up with hotel staff and some of the people I met on my tour to go salsa dancing. While the group was small it was perfect to explore the nightlife of Varadero. Our 1950s style taxi took us four ladies down Varadero town, passed a few clubs, and landed at Casa de la Musica. It didn’t disappoint. Full of locals and some tourist looking to practice their salsa moves. There was a live band for the first half of our time there, and then a DJ that played a mixture of reggaeton, hip hop, pop, Cuban music, and house.\

I made a few observations that were quite refreshing. Men not only love to dance but I give them E for Effort on just having a good time. It is definitely not about grinding up on anyone with hips but actually dancing and in some ways competing with each other who can keep their feet shuffling in the most creative way to the music. People were switching partners faster than they switch out their underwear haha. But it was all in good fun. I definitely need to take some salsa lessons because I was just twirling and swaying. Other observation I made, Cubans don’t buy bottles of wine or champagne, they buy bottles of rum, and this is not table service, this is everyday all day. LOVE IT!

I learned a quite valuable lesson tonight, which I am surprised I hadn’t learned before….when you travel alone you are never truly alone.



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