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About Miranda (aka MirLo, aka MaLuvin, Dave, Mandi, etc.)

As you can see my name is as adaptable as my services. If you ask my friends about me, many will say ambitious, driven, OCD (in a good way), adventurous, loving, savvy, etc. Basically, all the things you would want in an event planner.

I have moved all over United States. My roots are from the deep south, and my family moved me from there to the southeast, then to the west, and after I graduated from University of Southern California (USC), I moved to the Northeast, before I made my move, three years ago, to London. My job has privileged me with travelling all over the world. You name it: India, Australia, Japan, Canada, France, Sweden, and the list goes on.

While I have spent all of my career in the corporate finance industry, I have always had a love for event planning. It started when I was as a young child, planning trips for daily bike outing then I graduated to planning sweet sixteen parties, volunteering events, and as I got older it expanded to ski trips with friends, Las Vegas get-a-ways, and over the last 3 years corporate events (e.g. theatres, fitness weeks, themed annual parties, etc.)

While my friends have teased me about my obsession with spreadsheets and attention to detail, I think all my clients (including family and friends) have benefitted from my talent, skills, and passion. And I hope to do the same for you some day soon.

You can begin to learn more about my passion for event planning and life through my monthly postings, click on MirLo’s Moments page, OR review some of itineraries I have developed for myself or other clients by clicking here


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