Cuba Untouched – Day 5

Today was a Safari Jet Boat Tour that was filled with a variety of things. You name it: Visiting a farm; cave diving/snorkeling; speed boat (first time captaining); aborigine dance; archery at a camping ground with amazing lobster tail.

Told you it was a variety show.

Along the route and exploring Varadero and Matanzas I noticed the amazing contrast of varying suburban lifestyles along the coast, which in most Americans eyes would be prime real estate for fancy mansions. Also noted that (skinny) cows and horses are used as lawnmowers, literally. They graze wherever and are strategically placed.

Capped off the night dancing with some new friends at Calle 62/La Fondue in downtown Varadero. It was like a street festival, we were all dancing for hours. I definitely noted that white is definitely.

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