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This page is a way for my clients, family and friends (Loyalty Club members) who have used my services or experienced an event planned by me, to leave their comments and praise. Any feedback should be emailed to me via the Contact Me Page. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Loyalty Club

  1. When we were living in Milan for 6 months toghether and we were going out as a group, Miranda was always the one who coordinated the tour or outing and make things run smooth and easy for the group. It is in Miranda’s nature to be organized and to care and I believe that is why it planning and organising an event look so easy when she does it. She is your woman when you want things to run smooth!

  2. I have had the great fortune of traveling with Miranda on several occasions. Whether it be a weekend trip to San Francisco, a state-side trip to New York and Boston, or a European vacation, she has always managed to plan an incredible experience. Her passion for travel is fierce, but her passion for planning travel experiences is even stronger. She genuinely enjoys researching destinations; it is her mission to find and plan a series of activities that are affordable, representative of the destination’s culture, and fun for all involved. Miranda plans every detail, from bars and restaurants to try, shows to see, historical sites to visit, and adventures to experience.

    On my most recent with MirLo, I climbed to the peak of Mt. Vesuvius, went wine-tasting, toured Pompeii, took a boat tour along the Amalfi coast, rented Vespas for a day, took a walking tour of Naples, and visited the isle of Capri – all in the span of one week. Miranda had planned everything meticulously, including times to catch the bus, where to purchase tickets and pick up a cab, and which train stops to use. Having all of these details taken care of removed a lot of the stress that can accompany travel. I did not have to worry about where to find public transportation or what time to leave in the morning, which allowed me to spend my time fully immersed in the culture and the experience.

    Proof of Miranda’s professionalism and organization is the detailed itinerary she carries with her at all times – an accordion folder of confirmations, tickets, schedules, and maps that guarantees the trip of a lifetime. Even though most won’t have the privilege of traveling alongside Miranda, I know she will contribute the same amount of dedication and professionalism to every client. If you are looking for an unforgettable travel experience, Miranda Love is the person you need to contact!

  3. Miranda’s knowledge of traveling and vacation is superior. Having traveled the world, she knows exactly how to get the most for your money. She also knows what’s worth splurging on. I always know I can get great suggestions from her because she gives fresh ideas and can originate out-of-the-box! More importantly, though, she’s organized so she won’t waste your time and she’ll make sure you have all the necessary information. I would rely on her any day for a stress free trip to any unknown location or to revisit an old stomping ground!

  4. Miranda,

    Love the site!! You always make any outing memorable! Thank you again for making London an unforgettable trip!

    Heather (a loyal follower to any party you plan) :)

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