Group Events

This page will be dedicated to upcoming GROUP travels and events that I am planning. It will be designed to promote events that I am designing for the public to attend.

Have you ever noticed that when there is a group of you going anywhere, and it is more than 6+ the amount of savings goes up DRASTICALLY? So this is what this page is designed to do. Whether planning Ascot’s Day, Brighton Beach Trip, or ski weekend away. If I post it here, and you are interested, go straight to the Contact Me page and let me know.

Or if you do not necessarily want to join me on this trip, BUT you want me to design a trip privately for your friends/network/family, contact me.



G1: Cotswold Stay-cation - MAY 2015, click the link for more information and sign-up EARLY if interested.

G2: Royal Ascot Day is a honored tradition in United Kingdom. This year it falls week ending June 20, 2015.

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