Top 30 ways for your 30′s

If you are like me, you want each birthday to be as memorable as your last. I celebrated my 28th just as big as my 21st. And each year, I have the same criteria: open invitation (maximize the guest list); cheap (save the money for the fun); active (I need more than just a night at the bar, although I don’t mind it ending that way). Here are 30 unique ideas to celebrate your BIG day, whether you are 18, 32, or 50+. Remember age ain’t nothing but a number!

  1. Mix up the pub crawl with a game of Pub Golf
  2. Game Night at the house (bust out the board games, pop open the bubbly, and get competitive)
  3. Cooking Class
  4. Brewery/Winery Tour
  5. Tour around town – via Bike or via one of those group peddle bikes
  6. Theme parties- Pick a theme (e.g. decade 80s) and have your friends dress up and pick a club
  7. Karaoke Night- But get a private booth so you can have your friends, and private waitress
  8. Day at the Park- bring a frisbee, blanket, some cold cuts, booze, and mp3 player.
  9. Throw on your Formal gear, and see a show – a CABARET.
  10. Dust off your rollerblades and do a little Roller Derby
  11. Take an overnight trip to a place nearby. New environment, new places to discover
  12. Sleepover-Girls–> get your friends over, pop the popcorn, do makeovers, maybe hire a pole-dance teacher, and have some cocktails. Boys–> pop open the beer, hire a big screen, put on some sports, turn your den into the ultimate bachelor pad. And speaking of…
  13. Who says you have to wait until you’re engaged to have a stag/hen do? Why not get some friends together, throw on some matching outfits, make up some drinking games and hit the town. (some of the ideas above can be applied as well)
  14. See a theatrical play/musical, or concert. If you want, hire a private box to make your friends feel special
  15. Grab some friends together and sign-up for a Murder Mystery, either at a restaurant or at a hotel for an overnight stay
  16. Volunteer at your local zoo, farm, homeless shelter, etc.
  17. Act like its Spring Break, rent a house and go to IBIZA/CANCUN, or somewhere else just as hot. If its winter, go on a ski trip with your friends.
  18. Want to get active and competitive, hire out a field and start a lovely tournament of Paintball, or Broomball, or Lasertag, etc.
  19. Host a late night evening at a museum (e.g. Science or Arts museum or go ice skating). Often those are free, come with booze, and are fun when its adults-only entry.
  20. Party in an off-the-beaten-path venue: Beach cove, rooftop, archway, boat, etc. Hire a DJ have friends bring booze (if allowed)
  21. Try a new hobby. STEP out of your comfort zone. (take an art drawing class; ride a horse; learn to play an instrument)
  22. Sign-up for a race. Perhaps a relay race to get more friends involved
  23. Did your parent’s never give you a pony? Or did they promise you a Bouncer? Why not fulfil those childhood fantasies?
  24. Be a tourist for a day. Take the hop-on-hop off bus, try that famous restaurant, go to a lecture, take a guided tour
  25. Go shopping. Do something for yourself…Its your day. You know you want that new laptop, the leather jacket, or even a bike. Whatever it is, it’s your birthday. SPLURGE!
  26. I know this contradicts the previous statement, but whom best to celebrate the birth of you, but with your Parents/Family. Do something to say THANK YOU!
  27. Go OUTDOORS: Camping, bootcamp style day, Amusement Park
  28. Step out of your comfort zone: Try skydiving, ziplining, get on a guest of your favorite show, Create a bucket list for the year and complete one thing on your birthday, try out as an extra on a show, etc.
  29. Single? Maybe this is a great way to try out Tinder or Speed Dating.
  30. And while I typically like to do things with groups of friends, perhaps your Birthday is the one day of YOU. Schedule a lie in, maybe a Personal Training session, spa day, and/or a glass of wine with curled up on the couch with your favorite book or TV series.

Did you like some of the recommendations you read? Contact me! I can make your birthday wishes come true!


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