Cuba Untouched – Day 5

Today was a Safari Jet Boat Tour that was filled with a variety of things. You name it: Visiting a farm; cave diving/snorkeling; speed boat (first time captaining); aborigine dance; archery at a camping ground with amazing lobster tail. Told you it was a variety show. Along the route and exploring Varadero and Matanzas I […]

Cuban – Untouched DAY 4

After returning to the hotel at 3am and buzzing after my long day, I took this day as a way to recover (poor feet). The weather was excellent, so I went on a nice jog on the beach and used this opportunity to explore the other hotel beach scene. I went from Caribbean Sea to […]

Cuba Untouched Day 2

Today I decided to conquer my “fear” of the AI resort, aka hang around the resort and explore the Varadero beaches. For January, the weather was in the 70s and 80s (Farenheit) but it was overcast, so everyone had a light cardigan or shirt on. It quickly reminded me of the first time I went […]

Royal Ascot Day – June 20, 2015

Royal Ascot Day is a honored tradition in United Kingdom. This year it falls week ending June 20, 2015. English racecourse, located in the village of Ascot, Berkshire, for horse racing. It is one of the leading racecourses in the United Kingdom. Given the name of this particular day, it is no surprise this is closely associated with the British […]

G1: Cotswold May Stay-cation

This is the first iteration of GROUP EVENTS. This event is designed to be a cost-saving, benefit-maximizing way to go somewhere with friends and friends. The idea here is that if you go as a group it cuts down the costs on lodging and any tours we decide to do can be at a group […]