Royal Ascot Day – June 20, 2015

Royal Ascot Day is a honored tradition in United Kingdom. This year it falls week ending June 20, 2015.

English racecourse, located in the village of Ascot, Berkshire, for horse racing. It is one of the leading racecourses in the United Kingdom. Given the name of this particular day, it is no surprise this is closely associated with the British Royal Family, being approximately six miles from Windsor Castle

Ascot today stages twenty-six days of racing over the course of the year, including The Royal Meeting, held in June, which remains a major draw.

What to expect:

  • Summer Outing to Ascot with Family/Friends
  • Fancy dress fitting of the occasion (e.g. fascinators, “formal” wear, etc)
  • Prosecco drinks at mid-day
  • Standard Coach (pick-up/drop-off from a Central London location)
  • Group Discount entry into the Race Day- GRANDSTAND TICKET

All of this and potentially more for the lovely price of £100/pp*

If you have not paid your deposit yet, please contact me ASAP. We have only a handful of tickets left.

Royal Ascot Day

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