How to Score on your Birthday!

No I am not here to talk about how to pick up a date on your birthday, although if that happens as a result of you reading this blog, then a simple THANK YOU will do. I want to talk about how to plan an excellent birthday, score some HOT deals, and save money while doing it.

Have you ever noticed that when you sign up to a restaurants newsletter it asks you for your birth date? There is a reason for this. Its not only for marketing purposes but they want to send you offers during your birth month, its enticement to spend your cash with them. Throughout my birth month, I get dozens of emails about free bar tabs, discounted pedicures, complimentary massages, etc. It helps that my birthday month is in high-sales period. But look at how all the offers help plan out my BIG day:

  • Complimentary Breakfast at Museum Exhibit
  • Complimentary Massage Discounted
  • Lunch at one of my favourite spots
  • Cash-in a long overdue shopping and drink excursion with a friend (while taking advantage of the discount season)
  • Use up the free bar tab and drinks for a night out with friends.

How much money did I spend on my birthday (estimated £30). It also helps to have generous friends.

Don’t want all the spam emails? Then make up an email address they are forwarded to, and only check them around your birthday. But trust me when I say, it is worth it. It also makes you feel special with all those personalized birthday emails. After a complimentary day of pampering and celebration, I am sure you will feel quite special (and maybe perhaps find a special someone too ;-) )


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